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Pylons exception logging and performance monitoring

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Approx. integration time: 2 minutes

WSGI middleware is the most common way to use AppEnlight with your Pylons framework web application.

Installation and Setup

Install the appenlight_client using pip:

pip install appenlight-client

One of the more common ways to integrate your application is to add your client directly into the WSGI pipeline.

For the Pylons app, you need to modify config/

# CUSTOM MIDDLEWARE HERE (filtered by error handling middlewares)
# find this line and below add

from appenlight_client import make_appenlight_middleware
app = make_appenlight_middleware(app, config)

Run your application providing the APPENLIGHT_KEY/APPENLIGHT_INI environment variable, or you can add the appenlight.api_key to your pylons app config file instead:

appenlight.api_key = YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY
# or use path ini file if you want to provide separate configuration
appenlight.config_path = %(here)s/appenlight.ini

You can now run your instrumented application.