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Error Collection

Watch AppEnlight's dashboard as you deploy to instantly see any issues in real-time.

There is always a chance you might miss an issue while manually browsing your logs - detailed stack traces will help you debug issues faster than ever, and you can take advantage of the intelligent report grouping and search engine.

Performance Monitoring

Our client measures bottlenecks of your code so you can optimize queries and slow calls where it matters the most for your users.

You gain insight into application-level metrics - from noSQL and RDBMS to multiple remote APIs - that are typically hard to manually debug and optimize.


Add logging to your application to centrally track and segment relevant information.

Get notified of fraud attempts, break-ins, or any suspicious activity.

Our servers are smart enough to figure out log entries belonging to specific performance or exception requests.

Uptime Monitoring

Know when your application becomes unreachable. See any service interruptions, and get notified about any availability issues.

Measure uptime and response times to your frontend.

Set up your app in under 5 minutes.

Python Django Pyramid Flask JS

How it works

You add our monitoring agent

You add a small piece of middleware (our client) to your applications.

Integration usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Compatible with: python, javascript, nodejs, php, ruby, and more...

We watch your application's health

The client starts sending performance information, exceptions and logs of your application to our service.

We will start sending you alerts, show performance bottlenecks, and breakdown where your application needs the most work.

Fix problems at the speed of light

You will fix errors and regressions faster than ever, before your clients can notice an issue.

You can see all of this data - nearly in realtime - inside our friendly dashboard.