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Monitor infrastructure or key metrics using the general metrics API


This example shows how to monitor a single server cpu usage, but this approach can also be used to monitor custom metrics like in-application fraud attempts or daily sales in a e-commerce platform.

You can use our APIs by directly sending JSON - metrics API and log API.

AppEnlight allows you to send your data in a format that allows for charting.

Charts on other hand allow alert rules to be applied to them based on values exceeding thresholds in specific timeframes.

Using a solution like the excellent python-diamond package + appenlight-diamond for system metrics aggregation, you can build notification systems for various events that happen in your infrastructure/applications.

Once the data gets indexed in our logging or general metrics API, you can create a graph based on the data.

server usage

One we have a working saved chart, then we can create an alert from its data.

The alert system checks all charts and applies a custom user created rule to every interval range and value in the chart. If the rule matches, then a new alert event is generated and sent out to the channels selected for the alert.

server usage