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Tagging logs

Often you may want to tag your logs to carry additional information that you can search later. For this, the python client uses the built in functionality of the extra keyword used by python's logging framework.

log.warning('test message', extra={"action":'purchase', "price":17})

Those tags will appear in the log view above log messages. The client will send dates, integers, and floats unchanged; every other value will be converted to a string representation.

Tagging requests

Additionally you can also tag requests themselves to carry additional searchable information when exception or slowness reports are generated.

# inside your view function
def some_view(request):
    request.environ['appenlight.tags']['type'] = 'cheat_attempt'
    request.environ['appenlight.tags']['count'] = 5
    return ...

When a new report is generated, the client will pass that data from the environ as tags that are indexed and searchable in the AppEnlight interface.