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Approx. integration time: 2 minutes

WSGI middleware is the most common way to use AppEnlight with your web application written in commonly used python web frameworks like Pyramid, Zope2, repoze.bfg.

Installation and Setup

Install the appenlight_client using pip:

pip install appenlight-client

Example integration

One of the more common ways to integrate your application is to add our client directly into the WSGI pipeline.

In your INI file, you need to add:

use = egg:appenlight_client
appenlight.api_key = YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY
# appenlight.transport_config = #optional if you use the hosted version of App Enlight
# appenlight.config_path is optional if you want to configure client via ini file
appenlight.config_path = %(here)s/appenlight.ini

pipeline =
    .....your other pipeline entries ....

You also need to add appenlight tween to your application. You can do this in two ways:

# by adding following line to your config object

Or by altering your ini file to contain a new include:

pyramid.includes = appenlight_client.ext.pyramid_tween
                   ... other includes you might have ...

At this point everything should be ready, but in some cases you may not have explictly configured the WSGI pipeline inside of your ini file.

Changing the default scaffold configuration in Pyramid Web Framework

Default scaffolds in pyramid 1.3+ have a section called [app:main] - the AppEnlight client expects that you are using wsgi pipeline instead to position itself in it.

The easiest way to accomplish that is to alter your configuration file to look like this:

# on line 1 of your ini file
[app:main] becomes [app:yourappname]

and inside your configuration, above [server:main] directive following directive should appear:

pipeline =
    ... other middleware ...

Now you have explictly configured the pipeline with the client in it, ready to stream information.

Legacy applications/Import order issues

A custom pserver may be only required for older framework versions. 1.6 and above are usually fine to run with the default framework supplied command.

Running pyramid applications with custom pserve :

APPENLIGHT_INI="/abs/path/to/appenlight.ini" appenlight_client pserve ...