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Python WSGI exception logging and performance monitoring

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Approx. integration time: 5 minutes

WSGI middleware is the most common way to use AppEnlight with your web application written in some of commonly used python web frameworks like Pyramid, Zope2, repoze.bfg.

Installation and Setup

Install the appenlight_client using pip:

pip install appenlight-client

Example integration

One of more common ways to integrate your application is to add your client directly into WSGI pipeline.

First generate configuration file for the client.

To minimize configuration complexity, the client will default to looking for the APPENLIGHT_INI environment variable that will supply the absolute path to the config file.

Example for uWSGI:

APPENLIGHT_INI="/abs/path/to/appenlight.ini" uwsgi --enable-threads ...
# you could also use APPENLIGHT_KEY if you don't want to use an ini file for configuration control

This is the recommended method to configure the client. You can use some alternative methods to configure the client if they better fit your environment.

  • You can pass the config dictionary directly to the client/make_middleware() func
  • Add client middleware directly in your file
  • You can use the appenlight_client.client.get_config() utility function to load and parse the ini file.


import appenlight_client.client as e_client
config = e_client.get_config({'appenlight.api_key':'YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY'})
appenlight_client = e_client.Client(config)

This is particularly handy for tracking non-webapp code like celery tasks.

If you need to wrap your WSGI application after you get the config object with get_config function, you can wrap your WSGI application yourself:

app = some_wsgi_function()
app = e_client.make_appenlight_middleware(app, config)
return app

Alternately, you can use decorator:

from appenlight_client import client

def application(environ, start_response):

Consult our documentation for popular python web frameworks for general implementation ideas.