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AppEnlight Python Client

The AppEnlight Python client is officially maintained by the AppEnlight team and uses all of the functionality provided by our service.

Supports all popular python frameworks including Django, Pyramid, Flask and others

Install appenlight_client using pip:

pip install appenlight-client

The client gathers and gives you detailed debugging and profile information in the AppEnlight dashboard, including:

  • 5 minute integration with live application
  • Supports report/log batching (with no negative effects on application performance)
  • Exceptions including frame local vars (configurable per request)
  • 404 requests
  • Python logging framework entries
  • Response times
  • Apdex score
  • Throughput (requests per minute)
  • Performance metrics
  • Performance details of slow requests including slow calls/queries made by popular libraries

Current out-of-the-box timing of the following libraries is supported:

  • Resource fetching : requests, urllib, urllib2, urllib3, httplib
  • NoSQL : pysolr, python-memcached, redis, mongodb
  • SQL : most commonly used dbapi2 drivers (mysql-python, psycopg2, odbc, and many others)
  • Templates : django, jinja2, mako

Client source on Github