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Django exception logging and performance monitoring

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Approx. integration time: 2 minutes

Django middleware is the most common way to use AppEnlight with your django framework web application.

Installation and Setup

Install the appenlight_client using pip:

pip install appenlight-client

One of the more common ways to integrate your django application is to add compatible middleware into your app.

Modify your settings file to contain this example configuration:

import appenlight_client.client as e_client
APPENLIGHT = e_client.get_config({'appenlight.api_key':'YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY'})

You can also set 'appenlight.transport_config': '' to configure the client to use your self-hosted AppEnlight instance.

Additionally, the middleware stack needs to be modified with an additional entry: Please note that AppEnlight middleware should be first in the stack to ensure that it functions properly.


Configuration via ini files/environ

You can set the APPENLIGHT_KEY/APPENLIGHT_INI environment variable instead; the client will try to load the configuration file from the absolute path or just use the key if it finds it in the environ.