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Celery task monitoring

Approx. integration time: 5 minutes

You can track exceptions in your Celery tasks.

Installation and Setup

Install the appenlight_client using pip:

pip install appenlight-client

Including frame local variables

In many cases, while integrating celery tasks you may want to see the contents of frame variables. You can set that in APPENLIGHT_INI or add environ["appenlight.report_local_vars"] = 1 to the fake_environ object.

Modify your tasks file to contain an example configuration and client:

import appenlight_client.client as e_client
from appenlight_client.ext.celery import register_signals

CONFIG = e_client.get_config({'appenlight.api_key':'YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY'})

Run celeryd providing the APPENLIGHT_INI environment variable:

APPENLIGHT_INI=/path/to/appenlight.ini celery worker

In some cases you might want to get notified every time you retry your task. Celery version < 3.0 doesn't support retry signal and retried tasks are NOT FAILED. so the task_failure signal will not get issued:

from appenlight_client.ext.general import gather_data

@task(default_retry_delay=60, max_retries=24)
def example_task(sometask_arg):
    .... your task code ....
    except Exception, exc:
        # fake environ object currently needed for client to operate 
        # this sends exception even if you want to retry it later
        fake_environ = {'appenlight.view_name':'celery:tasks.example_task'}
        gather_data(APPENLIGHT_CLIENT, fake_environ)