Automatic Error Reporting

  • Reports are grouped intelligently based on parameters like server, exception, and view name
  • Every report contains a stacktrace
  • Inspect local frame variables from stacktraces
  • Attach custom context data to reports
  • Inpect separate occurences of error in a group
  • See trends of your exceptions to help you decide which areas of your application need the most work
  • View application logs occurring during a specific request
  • View slow calls and layer breakdown of request execution
  • View a list of users affected by a bug
  • Access all request parameters in exception reports
  • Search everything in your reports for error, server, priority, occurences, average duration, url path, namespace, and anything you're looking for
  • Set prioritization rules for your reports

Automatic Application Performance Monitoring

  • Slow request reporting with individual query and slow call details
  • Access application performance metrics and response time aggregation using tier and view name breakdowns
  • Have insight into all layers of your application including: SQL queries, time traces, noSql datastores, cache layers, remote connection times, and more
  • Have an overview of which views of your application are accessed the most and see their average response times
  • See global performance of all server instances grouped by hostnames
  • Trace performance of your own functions
  • See trends of slow reports
  • Full-text search reports on error, server, priority, occurences, average duration, url path, namespace, and more
  • Set prioritization rules for your reports

In-app Logging

  • Separate external and in-app log aggregation
  • Your application will stream logs that you can corellate with other reports
  • Full-text search logs based on server, severity, log contents or namespace
  • See logs that belong only to a specific request

Powerful Dashboard

  • Instantly see performance issues and trending errors in your apps
  • Watch your dashboard with real-time report streaming and an overview of application/server health
  • Have insight into all layers of your application
  • See the most commonly used views breakdown with their associated performance statistics
  • See common slow queries and slow calls across your whole application
  • See reports assigned to you

Team Collaboration

  • Assign reports to other team members for review
  • Comment on reports with notifications
  • Give read/write permissions to other team members on per-application basis
  • Use 3rd party integration for notifications and external bug trackers:
    Bitbucket, Github, Jira, Slack, HipChat, Campfire, Flowdock, Webhooks, and more coming soon
  • Configure multiple alert channels for notifications based on custom rules